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May 19,2019

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-- the fact that after the campaign to save the heritage building of Tollington Market from being knocked down, it is now being neglected and allowed to crumble, almost as if on purpose, so that it may eventually be destroyed. People say those who were in the forefront of the effort to save the building need to see that it is well maintained and used for something of public interest instead of as a dumping ground for the Lahore museums useless stuff.

-- the archaic system at National Saving Centres where mostly the elderly and pensioners go to withdraw their profits and how mind boggling it is to keep it going in this digital age. It takes ages for the personnel to manually fill in multiple ledgers, while senior citizens -- many of them disabled or alone -- suffer in cramped, stuffy spaces as they await their turn. The government needs to fix this on a priority basis so more persons are encouraged to save.

-- the ‘strike’ bug that seems to bite members of the medical profession every now and again and is not confined to one city but is spread all over the country. It is a sad reflection of how monetary gain is more important than honouring the oath members of the medical profession take to serve humanity. People say different ways to protest that will not make patients suffer from lack of attention should be adopted.

-- the announcement that more pedestrian bridges are needed along Islamabad Expressway and how it will be a waste of funds since those which are already standing are hardly used -- only motorcyclists are seen on them. People say unless the traffic police make sure that pedestrians use these bridges by fining road crossers, or giving them a taste of being behind bars for a day, nothing will change because unfortunately, breaking the law is habitual with all Pakistanis.

-- the manner in which our political elite is behaving and playing on the emotions of the general public by issuing statements that are confusing and causing panic among the masses. People say all political parties need to work for the betterment of the country, so the ‘cry baby’ attitude of the opposition parties should be shelved until the next election and the ruling party needs to be more positive rather than saying vaguely that the situation will improve in time.

-- the moaning and groaning that is taking place by consumers because imported items have gone expensive and how we as a nation need to change out habits and patronize local products. It has rightly been pointed out on social platforms that a neighbouring country did not allow imports of any items, including vehicles, until its economy was on a sound footing and this is a good example to follow at this time of financial crisis in our country.

-- the news item that plastic bags will be banned in the capital from August this year and how this is a welcome step that will have to be strictly implemented if the move is to be successful. People say unless the manufacturing units are not closed or given incentives to switch to making bags of biodegradable material, the scheme may backfire as plastic bags will still be available in sister city Rawalpindi if anyone still wants to use them. – I.H.


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