Islooites enjoy modern music at PNCA

April 22,2019

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Islamabad : Modern music and modern art is no conspiracy and instead, it is a form of truth and integrity for those practising it honestly, decently and with all their being, said Pakistan National Council of the Arts director general Jamal Shah on Sunday.

"Pakistani pop music is a mixture of traditional Pakistani classical music and western influences of jazz, rock and roll, hip hop and disco sung in various languages of Pakistan, including Urdu. It has achieved an influential following and popularity in neighbouring countries as well and is listened by members of the Pakistani diaspora, especially in the Middle East, Europe and North America," he told the Modern Music Night in the open air theatre at the PNCA.

The event was part of the on-going seven-day National Music Festival.

The Raga Boyz pop music group, whose members belong to the famous Patiyala Gharana of the sub-continent and are the ninth generation of the family, enthralled the audience by performing genres of music like pop, rock, Sufi music and classical fusion music.

They also sang popular songs including 'Maan Kuntum Maula', 'Nain Saay Nain Melay Rakhna' and 'Manu Tere Jeya Sona'.

Sarah Peter mesmerised the audience with fusion of eastern and western tunes. She also beautifully fused few Western and Eastern music and sang 'Suunway Balori Ankh Walia' and 'Wada Karoo Sajna'.

Pop singer Jia Nouman entertained the audience by singing songs like 'Yaad Sajan Di', 'Chal Dil Mere', 'Tali Daay Thalay' and duets with Nouman Lashari including 'Hona Tha Piyar' and 'Disco Deewanay'.

Nouman Lashari also sang 'Keh Dena' and 'Yaaro Yeh Hi Dosti Hay'.

Aafi, Bilal, Shehryar and Yawar comprising Bakshi group also performed getting applause from the audience.

The band had Zeeshan on dholak, Sherry Bakshi on the acoustic guitar, Yawar Bakshi on harmonium, support singer Angel Shmaeel on bass, Nadir Hussain on dhol, and Aafi and Bilal Bakhshi as vocalists.

Usman Raees gave an excellent performance playing with the melodies creating a charm around listeners, while Rashid Ahmed Khan (Uqab Group) from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa gave them the flare of western and local music.

Awais Iqbal Niazi stole the night by singing 'Jaanan', 'Raday Gul', 'Jugnoon Saay Bherlain Anchal' and medley. The audience comprised people from both Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


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