Pakistan Day celebrated at SACP

March 26,2019

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Islamabad : The moment of adaption of ‘Lahore (Pakistan) Resolution’ was a beacon light that enshrined and reflected success story of South Asian Muslims political struggle of trouble, trial and stead- fastness. It culminated our struggle undertaken for the revival our political identity and nationhood.

Although the word ‘Pakistan’ was conceived, coined and consolidated some over 14 years earlier by Ch. Rahmat Ali in his well-known pamphlet, ‘Now or Never’, over the years it gained so much attraction and popularity that the Muslim League had to be converted to it finally for carving an independent, sovereign Muslim State in South Asia.

These views were expressed by M. Yousuf Aziz, President Pakistan National Movement while delivering a lecture at an academic session of the Founding Day ceremony along with celebrations of ‘Pakistan Day’ organised by 'Society for Asian Civilization Pakistan' (SACP) at Islamabad Club.

Highlighting various phases of Pakistan Movement, M. Yousuf Aziz referred all major events of history right from 1585, when Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Sani inculcated the spirit of independence among the Muslims of South Asia, and Nawab Sirajuddhola in 1757 and Sultan Tipu in 1799 showered their blood for the cause of Independence proving that the Muslims always preferred martyrdom over slavery. Referring importance of 'Lahore Resolution i-e Pakistan Day, Mr. Aziz said that it united all Muslims of South Aziz from each nook and corner of the sub-continent. He said that Pakistan Day reminds us that mutual fraternity, national unity, mutual respect for each other’s point of view, friendship towards all and enmity towards none, human dignity and non- interference in other countries internal affairs are basic principles and norms of our societal norms. He informed the audience that during Jinnah Gandhi talks in Sep 1944, M K Gandhi was so much frustrated about its actualization and manifestation of Lahore Resolution that in his letter of Sep 15, 1944 he wrote to Quaid-i-Azam that "I see nothing but ruin of whole of India".


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