Citizens demand getting rid of land mafia in capital

March 24,2019

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Islamabad : Executive members of Islamabad Citizens Committee (ICC) at their meeting held here demanded the PTI’s government to take urgent measures getting rid of land-mafia in the capital that is responsible of creating hurdles in resolving civic problems.

The meeting presided over by ICC’s President Syed M. Siddiq Hasan said that the CDA on behest of the land mafia was bringing frequent changes in its original master plan, in wake of misappropriation and deliberate negligence at the part of their some officials.

While highlighting the public grievances, the committee noted that tool plazas on entry points of Islamabad are being activated again. It will have a negative impact on the normal traveling of the local people, the committee said. The committee called for early completion of Metro Bus-line that leads to New Islamabad airport. It was pointed out that there are terrible traffic jams on two and three points of Express highway.

It was also pointed out that Khana bridge at express highway is gradually emerging into a truck hub that needs to be controlled with a proper planning.

The committee, said public should be made aware of using underground passage of metro bus in blue area, already available instead of routing new one.

The ICC is ready to offer its expertise and support in helping the government in its addressing the public problems. It thanked the Prime Minister Imran Khan for giving personal attention in improving the affairs of CDA and getting hold of land mafia.


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