Nauroze — welcome to spring!

March 23,2019

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Islamabad : News wishes all those who celebrate, a happy Nauroze. May your day be filled with love, laughter shared enjoyment with friends and family, following set traditions. ‘Nauroze promotes values of peace and solidarity between generations and within families,’ the United Nations says. ‘It's a time of reconciliation and neighborliness, contributing to cultural diversity and friendship among peoples and different communities.’

Nauroze is the day of the vernal equinox and marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks the first day of the first month of the Iranian calendar. It usually occurs on March 21 or the previous or following day, depending on where it is observed. The moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator and equalizes night and day is calculated exactly every year and families gather together to observe the rituals.

The most important of these include spring cleaning the house and preparing the ‘haft seen’ table, which includes seven symbolic items all starting the with the letter ‘S.’ Sabzeh (sprouted wheat grass) for rebirth and renewal; Samanu (sweet pudding) for affluence and fertility; Senjed (sweet, dried lotus tree fruit) for love; Serkeh (vinegar) for patience and wisdom gained through aging; Sir (garlic) for medicine and maintaining good health; Sib (apples) for health and beauty and Sumac (crushed spice made from reddish berries) for recalling the sunrise.


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