Anti-Muslim hype caused NZ carnage: Army veterans

March 20,2019

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RAWALPINDI: The Veterans of Pakistan (VOP) on Tuesday said New Zealand massacre was result of wrong concept of white supremacy and inferiority of all others which is a threat to global peace.

It was an act of terrorism but the mass killer has been charged with a simple offense of murder which is injustice, it said.

President of VOP Lt. Gen. (R) Ali Kuli Khan said the killer feels no remorse in what he has done which was result of planned propaganda against Muslims in the west.

Mosque killer was full of venom against all Muslims. Not because he has been wronged by any Muslim but by the label of terrorists that have been attached to Muslims after the tragedy of 9/11, he added.

Although that is being claimed to be an act of one individual but practically, the entire Muslim world is now being looked upon with suspicion.

On the other hand, the Holocaust of the Second World War that resulted in a massacre of 6 million Jews is blamed on one individual and not an act of the entire religious community.

Similarly, massacres of Native Americans are blamed on settlers with no reference to their religion. The Western world has to change its views about Islam and Muslims if they do not want to see clash of civilisations.

They noted the irresponsible statements by US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, will not help improve situation therefore he should stop pushing the narrative of Modi.

Vice Admiral Ahmad Tasnim, Air Marshall Masood Akhtar, Salim Gandapur, Brig Mian Mahmud, Dr Babur Zaheeruddin, Major Farouk Hamid Khan, Brig Arbi Khan, Col Dalel Khan, and Brig Masud-ul-Hassan were also present in the meeting.


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