CITY PULSE: Healing or Surviving III

March 18,2019

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The Koel Gallery is hosting Sumaira Tazeen’s solo art exhibition titled ‘Healing or Surviving III: Sabz Bagh Series’ until March 21. Call 021-35831292 for more information.

Media is Dead; Long Live Media!

The Canvas Gallery is hosting Aamir Habib’s solo art exhibition titled ‘Media is Dead; Long Live Media!’ until March 21. Call 021-35861523 for more information.

International Performing Arts Festival

The Napa International Performing Arts Festival is running at the National Academy of Performing Arts until March 31. Call 021-35693701 for more information.

Layers of Silence

The ArtKaam Gallery is hosting Riaz Rafi’s solo art exhibition titled ‘Layers of Silence’ until March 21. This show is dedicated to Mansur Aye. Call 0317-1160642 for more information.

Untamed, Raw Beauty

The ArtCiti Gallery is hosting Iqbal Durrani’s solo art exhibition titled ‘Untamed, Raw Beauty’ from March 21 to March 24. Call 021-35250495 for more information.

My Conference

The Full Circle Gallery is hosting Thajba Najeeb’s solo art exhibition titled ‘My Conference’ until March 18. Call 0303-2239038 for more information.


The AAN Gandhara Art Space is hosting Aisha Abid Hussain, Ali Sultan, Iqra Tanveer, Jovita Alvares, Malika Abbas, Numair Abbasi, Nurjahan Akhlaq and Veera Rustomji’s exhibition titled ‘Depicture’ until March 21. Call 021-35821462 for more information.

Colossus & Friends

The ArtChowk Gallery is hosting Marium M Habib’s solo art exhibition titled ‘Colossus & Friends’ until March 22. Call 021-35300482 for more information.


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