Layers of Silence

March 18,2019

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The ArtKaam Gallery is hosting Riaz Rafi’s solo art exhibition titled ‘Layers of Silence’ until March 21. This show is dedicated to Mansur Aye.

In his artist statement released by the gallery, Rafi says that every artist wishes to bring improvement in their work, but there are only a few artists who conduct new and innovative experiments. “We call them experimental artists. I am also included in those experimental artists.”

He says that since he has been very close to Mansur Aye, Tassaduq Sohail, AR Nagori and Ali Imam, has closely examined their art and has seen them work as well, he too believes that without experiments you cannot bring innovation in your work. “And so in my latest collection here I have tried something different.”

Since most contemporary artists work with acrylic paints and very few with oil paints, he has worked with oil paints, he adds. “And in this new collection I have gone through a different thought process and adopted a new style.”

Abandoning his usual way of working, from the texture to the selection of colours he has tried to do everything differently. “I even distorted everything from the faces to the natural appearances in a different way, and left space on the canvas in a special way. And took care with that space.”

He says he did not let his new art be influenced by his older work. “I maintained curiosity and forced the viewers to think, because whenever an artist tries their hand at experimental art, they are delving deep to study nature.”

And when you are studying nature, he adds, innovation and uniqueness automatically emerge in the creative process. “And all of this I have tried to do in my latest collection.”

— Photos courtesy: ArtKaam Gallery


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