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June 02,2015

PML-N man made overseas Pakistanis commissioner

Rana Ghulam Qadir
ISLAMABAD: Establishment Division has seemingly violated merit by appointing a PML-N activist as commissioner overseas Pakistanis.
Notification for appointment of Zubair Gull, settled in the UK, has been issued. Establishment Division has sent his case for appointment in MP 1 Scale to the Finance Ministry. A summary in this respect was sent to the PM House by Overseas Pakistanis Division through Establishment Division.
No ad was given for this post, no interview conducted and even CV of the applicant was not sought. Later when the CV was sought, the candidate mentioned in it as his qualification that he has vast knowledge of political and media affairs. In his experience slot, he mentioned that he had been president of the PML-N in the UK and hosted Nawaz Sharif during his exile. Gull will take charge of his office Tuesday (today).

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