Provinces urged to work for promotion of mother tongues

February 23,2019

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Islamabad: National Party leader Mir Akram Baloch has urged provinces to work for the promotion of mother tongues, says a press release.

Addressing at an event organised by National Party Islamabad to mark the International Mother Tongue Day on Friday, he said his party government promoted mother tongues in Balochistan when it was in power. “We declared Balochi, Pashto and Brahavi as official languages, encouraging people to write books in their own languages and the government published books of such authors.”

The senator bemoaned the statement of CM Punjab Usman Buzdar in which he had announced that Urdu would be taught at all levels of education. “If the CM of the largest province says like this then who would promote the Punjabi language.”

He said he was not opposed to any language. “We must learn other languages but should not forget our own languages. From Iran to Japan they all speak in their own languages.” He said learning other languages was good but that should not prompt one from learning his own mother tongue. On the occasion poets of Pashto, Urdu, Punjabi and Balochi languages presented their poetry in their languages.


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