From Turkey: ‘Love Just a Coincidence’

February 22,2019

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Islamabad : Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) and Embassy of Turkey bring film ‘Love Just a Coincidence’ at PNCA Lecture Hall today (February 22), at 6 p.m.

Films in Turkey are flourishing today as never before, winning prestigious awards at home and international film festivals. The box office cash register has kept ringing. 178 films were produced in 2018. Just the number itself was a boom to the film trade, followed by France, Britain, Russia and Germany. The government initiated project ‘No children left without cinema’ in 2018 thereby increasing just student filmgoers to more than one million. The respective Ministry has provided 430 million for support and promotion of films.

And now our film. ‘Love Just a Coincidence’ released in 2011 became one of the smash hits of the year. Directed by Omar Fruk Sorak, it combines music with romance, separation and finally tragic moments of life. Coincidences throughout the film are, on their own, major acts here.

It all being in 1977 Ankara. The newborn baby boy and baby girl meet first where else but in the maternity ward when their mothers are rushed to the hospital. Years pass and more encounters follow some bitter some sweet. Then tragedy strikes and one has to leave forever but not without saving the other.

Love... hit the box office charts so successfully that rights of the film were acquired by others for remakes. Music here was integral part of film and its outstanding success nationwide.

Director Omar Faruk Sorak has made a name for himself in Turkey and abroad. A graduate from Ankara University, he started his film career in late-eighties as assistant cameraman. He moved on to direct TV commercials, music videos and documentaries. His major films include Vizontele, G.O.A.R.A, The Exam and Vahsi Bati.

If tragedy is part of entertainment and his film with shedding tears in cinema, be ready for six handkerchiefs.


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