MBA working on faulty accelerators, elevators

February 19,2019

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Rawalpindi : The management of Metro Bus Authority (MBA) seems to be indifferent and least concerned over maintenance work because of which elevators and accelerators are not working in almost every station causing great hardships to the passengers particularly old and handicapped persons.

According to a survey conducted by ‘The News’, out of the total a high percentage of accelerators in bus stations have developed fault and have stopped working in metro bus stations. For instance if downside accelerator is working then the upper portion accelerator is found faulty, forcing passengers to use stairs. The non operation of accelerators causes great problems to those passengers who are old, handicapped people. The state of elevators in different bus stations are also not in working condition.

The management has given attention on cleanliness only because every time sanitary workers is seen cleaning the stairs and floors with brush not even caring that passengers are passing from one place to another to board the bus and after reaching their destinations. The cleaning of floors and stairs during rush hours irks the passengers a lot particularly women as the sanitary worker do not provide way to them.

Apart from the deteriorating condition of accelerators and elevators the overall condition of bus stands could also not be termed satisfactory. Floors are covered with tiles which are found broken at different points. The ceiling roofs are also seen leaking from different places.

On approaching , the manager of MBA in Rawalpindi, Ms Shumaila said that the Punjab government has recently given contract to Merin Company for carrying out repair and maintenance work of elevators and accelerators. The work has been started and is likely to be completed in one month. She said that an amount of Rs2 millions is being spent on repair and maintenance works which has been awarded to a private company.


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