PMA supports MQM-Pakistan, MWM backs PTI for January 27 by-polls

January 24,2019

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Two main contenders -- the Mutahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf – have been busy in mustering support from various groups representing communities in the PS-94 constituency where the by-polls are scheduled for January 27.

The MQM-P won the support of the Pakistan Muslim Alliance, a group representing Bengali and Burmese communities, while the Majlis Wahdatul Muslimeen, a Shia group, announced support for the PTI candidate.

After the death of MQM candidate Muhammad Wajahat, who had been suffering from cancer, the Election Commission of Pakistan announced the by-polls for January 24. But on the PTI’s request, the ECP has now announced the by-polls would be held on January 27, a public holiday, to ensure a high voter turnout.

PMA supports MQM-P

MQM-P central leader and MNA Syed Aminul Haque on Wednesday met Amanullah Paracha, a faction of the PMA, at the party’s office in Bahadurabad, and succeeded in winning the group’s support.

In PS-94, an area comprising Landhi, there is a significant vote bank of Bengali and Burmese communities in Burmi Colony, 36-B and 100 Quarters.

After meeting with Haque, MQM-P leaders Mehfooz Yar Khan and PMA’s Paracha talked to media and announced that the latter would support the former’s candidate in the by-polls. MQM-P candidate Hashim Raza Jilani was accompanied him.

Paracha said that his group had an immense support base in the constituency. “We believe that the MQM-P is the political party that can resolve the issues Bengali and Burmese communities face in the city.”

MWM supports PTI

A PTI Karachi delegation led by Khurram Sherzaman, the party’s Karachi president and MPA, met MWM leaders at the Wahdat House, the party’s provincial office, to seek their support in the PS-94 by-polls.

After the negotiations between the leaders of the two groups, the MWM Sindh’s political secretary, Ali Hussain Naqvi, announced support for PTI candidate Ashraf Qureshi. “The PTI and the MWM both believe in a corruption-free Pakistan and it is the reason we are supporting them in the by-polls,” Naqvi said.

On January 10, the PTI and the MWM at national level formed a six-member committee to “peruse shared goals and objectives with mutual consultation and cooperation”.

Nasir Abbas Shah, Asad Abbas Shah and Syed Mohsin Sheharyar are committee members from the MWM, while the PTI has nominated Naeemul Haq, Ejaz Ahmed Chaudary and Ali Haider Zaidi as members of the committee.


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