Rawalpindi rain spell creates ugly scenes

January 23,2019

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Sunday brought a sigh of relief for the Rawalpindi residents as sky remained clear in most parts of the city, however Saturday rains created ugly scenes.

“Shah Khalid Colony residents of this city do not welcome the rains spell as rainy days have become a nightmare for them. Due to defective sewerage, absence of storm water drains and with uneven structure of the road developed many times over has no plinth level, a little rain is enough to throw life out of gear,” says Aoun Rizvi from the area.

“A few hours’ showers on Friday which flooded this locality exposed the hollowness of claims of the city authorities concerned that rainy water will be drained out within a few hours from the main bazaar road. But what actually happened was that due to accumulation the dirty rainwater moved down on to the Service Road making difficult for pedestrians to cross over to Faisal Avenue,” says Zain Ali, another resident of the area.

“The rains, which lashed this locality even throughout the Friday night, left a number of spots in knee-deep water apart from creating various problems for shoppers. The main Bazaar road was so much flooded with overflowing sewage water that the doctors having clinics on it received less number of patients compared to the number of patients being received by them on normal days. Same was the condition of shop owners,” says Haider Abbas of the same locality.

“The mayhem that ensues after a spell of rain cripples the colony’s main road. Rain causes raw sewage to holdup at some points of the road. It is just outrageous. Even though this area is highly affected every year because of rains, the city authorities, still, seem to have zeroed in on no solution to keep the basic civic amenities running,” says Sanaa Naqvi, a school teacher.

Farwah Jafar says: “The drainage system at the colony is in a dilapidated condition as the drains in the area are choked with sewage and garbage dumped by the shopkeepers and residents while the authorities concerned are not doing anything to clear the clogged drains.”

“After rains residents in several parts of city and outskirts feel power pangs. Water’s one thing, but raw sewage is the issue. City fathers’ problem falls back into city residents’ lap. “Why should the concerned department’s problem become the city residents’ problem? Why should they be liable and have to clean up the city’s sewer,” questions Sajjad Baqir.

“The sewer lines passing through this area remains choked by polythene bags and garbage. The situation turns ugly when the rainwater overflows from drains and gutters that inundate the main bazaar road,” says Jawad Kazmi.


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