Inspiring anthology of Urdu poetry

January 20,2019

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‘Ghazal os nay chairhi’ volume two, is an array of powerful voices that echo the throbbing heartbeat of Urdu poetry. It is a poetic anthology compiled by Muhammad Shams-ul-Haq and includes 574 poets and 1,303 verses. It also consists of 360 poets and their best verses contained in ‘Ghazal os nay chairhi’ volume one.

In this anthology, the writer says, the reader may miss some new generation poets whose collections were not available in the market. However, we find a good number of Urdu poets in this anthology. The writer shares their diverse verses selected on merit with a thread that leads from the past to the present.

It is a deep rooted poetry anthology that masterfully unites and magnifies colourful and unapologetic voices that speak of the beauty, dreams and struggles of our Urdu poets throughout history. It also includes some of the greatest and most relevant Urdu poets of our time, such as: Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Ahmad Faraz, Qateel Shafaee, Raees Imrohi, Jaun Alia, Nasir Kazmi, Munir Niazi and Obaidullah Aleem, among others.

This anthology is much more than an assortment of poetry; it is a symbol of the triumph of kindness over hostility, of joy over bitterness, of fraternity over alienation. It is a generation of artists who have decided to raise their voices to bring forth the change they wish to see.

‘Ghazal os nay chairhi’ volume two, is also a thought-provoking anthology where we experience an introspective search of life through literature within the depths of the poets’ wisely carved words -- a kaleidoscope that fills our eyes with colours of hope and solidarity in times of political and social turmoil. Throughout this past year we have heard radical politicians use a rhetoric of hatred towards anyone who looks, speaks or thinks differently. But rather than responding with hatred, literary community responds with a festival of brotherhood to celebrate unity.

Through this anthology readers are exposed to a mirror that portrays poets’ most intimate reflections; images that constitute a poetic gallery in which the degree of the writer’s inner light constantly fluctuates, along with his disposition to survive loneliness, confusion, and abandonment.

This anthology celebrates the beauty and complexity of life. The gift of this anthology is the way it motivates and frees the readers’ heart and mind from sorrow, hurt and pain. This touching anthology tells the story of all the phases of life: growth, love, loss and grief. No matter what your background is, these words will speak to you! This inspirational anthology provides supportive thoughts on life's challenges, and lifts the human spirit. Our hope is that as you read, the words will assist you on your personal journey towards a happier life.


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