Low gas pressure in Satellite Town

January 19,2019

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Rawalpindi : The residents of Satellite Town have raised voice against persistent low gas pressure in ongoing winter season that is not only affecting their routine work but also causing health problems especially among kids and elderly people.

They said the situation has been persisting for last many weeks and they have been unable to cook their meals due to low gas pressure during all this period.

Munir Ahmad, a resident of A-Block (Satellite Town), said supply of gas has remained suspended to the majority of the areas in Satellite Town for last many weeks and if it is restored pressure remains too low to cook food.

He said the gas pressure goes down to as low as zero and the residents of this area are facing difficulties in preparing meals, adding “It is quite expensive to use LPG as an alternative so we cannot afford it for longer period.”

The people are facing low gas pressure despite the fact that the government has pledged to ensure uninterrupted supply to them after cutting off gas supply to the industries in harsh winter conditions.

Nasreen Fatima, a resident of F-Block, said they are unable to use gas heaters due to which small kids feel uncomfortable even in the rooms.

She also gave a reference of PML-N’s leader Tahira Aurangzeb and stated she was absolutely right because when wives remain unable to prepare meals on time, husbands get infuriated and it often results in disputes at homes.


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