Emirates to cut operations in Pakistan for 2019

January 18,2019

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RAWALPINDI: Emirates Airlines has announced a drastic cut in flights to Pakistan for 2019, says a press release on Thursday.

The operational adjustment is aimed at meeting global demands for travelers for the year. Reportedly, the following schedule will apply for all operations in Pakistan.

Dubai-Sialkot: Emirates has also suspended its daily service for the city-flydubai will continue service.

Dubai-Peshawar: Flights will be reduced to 3 per week from 5.

Dubai-Multan: Flydubai will serve the destination as present.

Dubai-Lahore: Flights will be cut down to 9 from 10 in a week.

Dubai-Karachi: Flights will be reduced from 35 to 23 per week.

Dubai-Islamabad: Flights will be cut to 7 per week from 11.


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