Sector E-12

September 11,2018

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This refers to the letter ‘Where’s my home’ (Sep 8) by Sheikh Shahzad. The writer has asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to pay attention to help him locate his house in Sector E-12 of Islamabad. The writer and I are in the same boat. Back in 1993, I purchased a small plot in the sector in the hope of having a house of my own by the time I retire in 2006. It was a gross miscalculation on my part to assume that the CDA would develop the sector (E-12) by that time. If I had a better understanding of the performance of the CDA, I wouldn’t have suffered for over two decades now.

The need to open new housing projects (as per the vision of the present government) to keep up with the increase in population cannot be undermined in developing societies. However, it is equally important to complete projects that are already in the pipeline to alleviate the suffering of those who have meagre resources. The higher authorities who oversee the performance of the CDA and the honourable chief justice of Pakistan should look into the matter and determine the cause of the delay in developing Sector E-12. It will be a great service to allottees who are still hoping to have their own shelters.

Muhammad Hassan



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