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September 09,2018

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-- the pathetic condition of the Loi Bher park because of the negligence of succeeding governments and how this reserve needs to be made into a great park which it has the potential to be if given proper attention by the authorities. People say it is mind boggling that natural domains of flora and fauna are ignored and neglected in favour of making cities ‘beautiful’ with concrete structures; artificial greenery and lifeless animals made of synthetic materials.

-- the performance of our athletes and hockey team at the Asian games and how they have been criticised by all and sundry despite their efforts, especially the hockey team which managed to defeat many better trained teams. People say when the government doesn’t pay attention to other sports and only patronizes cricket this is bound to be the result and when criticism is also heaped on athletes despite their best efforts and passion, it is bound to be disheartening.

-- the befitting manner in which tribute was paid to martyrs of the security forces and how it was a timely organized affair at the a time when certain elements were bent on bringing the armed forces a bad name. It is a well-known fact that when people begin to forget or belittle the sacrifices made by their security forces, it gives the enemy a chance to do the same and has an ill effect on the morale of the nation.

-- the ‘agents’ found outside all offices dealing with the needs of the public like getting a new passport; ID card etc. and have long queues of people awaiting their turn. For a small ‘fee’ (read bribe) these ‘agents’ manage to bypass the queues and get your work done in no time and this can only be managed if the persons working inside the office are in cahoots with them, which is another corrupt practice that needs to be stopped.

-- the removal of the CEO who was appointed without merit to run the national carrier and how it is a step in the right direction but people are wondering why those who appointed him have been let off the hook since they are responsible for appointing him. There is also a consensus that anyone hired for any position at a high salary and then removed should be made to return the extra money to the organization they worked for.

-- the trawler mafia working in Gwadar, probably in cahoots with the officials of the fishery department and making the lives of poor fishermen difficult by using unfair means like harmful nets and threatening them with dire circumstances when they dare to protest. People say the trawler mafias tactics are not only a source of fear for the locals but they are harming the ecosystem of the ocean, so their activities need to be looked into and curtailed.

-- the domino effect taking place as far as the Economic Advisory Council is concerned as two more members resign to show solidarity with a colleague who resigned under pressure from religious groups. If religion became the guideline to be followed in forming committees around the world then anyone with a different faith would be persona non grata, so people should think rationally and keep the good of the country in mind, following the guidelines of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to be tolerant. – I.H.


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