Adnan Baig showcases his unique abstract calligraphy

September 09,2018

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LAHORE: A solo exhibition of paintings by Adnan Baig, who is perhaps the first and only Pakistani artist to have united abstract art with calligraphy in a unique fusion, opened at Ejaz Art Gallery on M.M. Alam Road on Saturday.

Walled City of Lahore Authority Director General Kamran Lashari inaugurated the show. Adnan has been on mission to define various emotional states of the human soul through abstract art, which to him is the perfect vehicle to transfer the inner-most feelings to canvas.

He is completely a self-taught artist, who has had no formal art education or training from any institution. This multitalented artist-cum-businessman-cum-poet and a law graduate never stopped painting. Nothing could kill his love for art, not even his highly busy life as a businessman. To him, art is his life. He confessed that he would continue to create abstract designs, sketches and even paintings while having business meetings in his office.

“My recent work is a poetic expression of my exploration, my frantic but earnest endeavour to know myself as well as the Creator, and to converse with Him,” he said. Adnan has brought his recent work, spanning over 10 years, to this exhibition, which happens to be his first solo show. He loves to work in mixed media and acrylic. The 28 art pieces put on display are basically a fusion of Islamic calligraphy and abstract art in vibrant colours. A large number of people from all walks of life, including artists, art students, art collectors, social elite and the general public, attended this unique show of brilliance.


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