Pashto poet Rahman Babahas universal appeal: literati

September 08,2018

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PESHAWAR: Speakers at a seminar on Friday called mystic Pashto poet Rahman Baba a global personality whose poetry earned a worldwide acclamation and has readership all over the world.

Poets, intellects, poetry lovers and people from all walks of life attended the seminar.

The Rahman Adabi Jirga, a body set up in 1962, to spread the message of Rahman Baba and work for the promotion of Pashto language, organised the programme at the Culture Centre of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Professor Qasim Mehmood was the chief guest while Director Pashto Academy Dr Nasrullah Jan Wazir was the guest of honour.

Director General of the Khana-e-Farhang Jamhoori Islami Iran, Dr Syed Abbas Famouri, Consul General of Islamic Republic of Iran Muhammad Bagher Beigi, President, Rahman Adabi Jirga Yousaf Ali Dilsoz and others were present on the occasion.

Madad Khan Madad recited the poetry of Rahman Baba.

Yousaf Ali Dilsoz said that Rahman Baba’s poetry was based on the Holy Quran and sayings of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). He said that Rahman Baba had command of poetry and the verses composed by him proved that fact.

He said that his poetry was simple and even illiterate and common people could understand his poems.

The speaker said that some of his verses were not easy to be understood and different people derived different meanings from such pieces. “But all the different explanations of his poetry are correct in their own ways and meanings,” he added.

Dr Syed Abbas Famouri said the purpose of holding the event was to familiarise the new generation with the mystic poet. He said the poetry of Rahman Baba attracted people of all ages and his message spread everywhere.

He said that Rahman Baba did not belong to an ethnic group or was limited to an area but he was read and known globally. He said the style of Rahman Baba was unique and he spread his message in a different way.

Daud Khan Daud said that the maqta (last couplet of poems) of Rahman Baba’s works was very strong, marvellous and creative. “Everyone who listens the maqta of Rahman Baba admires his skills. Even common people remembered his maqtas,” he added.

He said the ghazals of Rahman Baba carried even two and three maqtas, adding one piece even carried four couplets.

Daud Khan Daud said that ghazal writing was a very difficult and every person cannot write a complete ghazal. He said that the ghazals of Rahman Baba were flawless and carried a complete message for his readers.

“Once Professor Dr Iqbal Khattak had said that the ghazals of Rahman Baba has no match,” he said. “A good couplet is always simple, inspires and carries a message,” he said.

He pointed out that people have falsely attributed some couplets to Rahman Baba. “Such lines are written on the rear sides of truck, rickshaws and other vehicles and attributed to Rahman Baba,” he added.

He gives a few examples such as Da Rahman waina ba hala darpa yad she che de yaw diwal ta makh aw bal ta Sha she (One will recall the message of Rahman when he dies).

The writer said that such verses were attributed to him due to his popularity and even some singers have modified his poetry as per their own interest.

Professor Aseer Mangal explained some of the difficult verses from the poetry of Rahman Baba. He also penned down a book ‘Da Rahman Baba Kulyat, which is the composition of multi-meaning verses and carried the most ‘appropriate’ meanings of a number of verses of the mystic poet.

Professor Muhammad Anwar Khan Marwat said that the poetry of Rahman Baba had been translated into English, Persian, Russian and other languages.

Qasim Mehmood called for more research on the poetry of Rahman Baba and appreciated the book of Aseer Mangal and called for more efforts for promotion of the Pashto language.

Dr Nasrullah Jan Wazir said that Pashto Academy had published books on Rahman Baba and his poetry and would welcome and support more books on the revered poet.

He said the academy signed a contract with late researcher and poet Daur Khan Daur to publish his book he had written about Rahman Baba but it was delayed to his death.

Dr Nasrullah Jan Wazir said that they would take up the issue with the son of Daur Khan to get the book published.


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