Where is the baby?

September 03,2018

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Islamabad : Once upon a time there lived a young man in a village. He was full of ideas and always boasted that given a chance he can do wonders. People of the village some time took him seriously but most of the time he was mocked and made the butt end of puns and jokes.

But the young man never got deterred and kept his resolve to do things the others would not even think about doing. The young man kept his head down and continued to do what he aspired to do. Sometimes he won appreciation from the people around him and sometimes he was scolded and criticized.

Nothing thrown at him made him gave up. He continued to set up goals for him to achieve and then put all his skills and energies behind to accomplish those. Gradually people of the village started believing in him. But still there were many who had doubts in his abilities and continued to be critical of him.

One day he asked his mother that if she will find a good girl to marry he will give her the loveliest of grandchild. Mother became very happy and agreed to his wish, hoping the change in his life will change his personality as well. In addition, he has promised to give her the loveliest grandchild for which she had been craving for long.

She embarked upon the mission. She contacted the whole ‘bradari’ (clan), informing them that her son is ready to marry and has promised to give her the loveliest grandchild one can wish for once he is married. Then she broke the news to the whole village. The news spread all around. The wedding and the promise of giving the loveliest grandchild to her mother!

Some people were happy and excited over the prospects. Others were not so happy but skeptical.

“Let us see if he finds a bride and gets married in the first place! Only then we will see how lovely a grandchild he will give to his mother and the clan. And for the people of the village to adore too,” people whispered or talked aloud.

After a lot of efforts and a great deal of convincing the clan and the people in the village and in the surroundings villages, the mother eventually succeeded in finding a suitable bride for her son.

The date for wedding was set and celebrations started all round. The festivities began all over the village and in the surrounding villages with everybody eagerly waiting for the day the marriage will be solemnized and the young man will bring the bride home.

The wedding took place. Groom brought the bride home. Mother was ecstatic. The whole village was happy. Everybody was now eagerly awaiting the arrival of the loveliest grandchild that the young man has promised! The festivities lasted through the night.

The next morning when the young man emerged from his room mother lunged forward and asked: “Where is my grandchild that you promised?”

Young man was dumbfounded! Before he could respond to mother, the relatives and neighbours started pouring in, everybody asking: ‘Where is the baby?” And soon the people from surrounding villages also started demanding ‘where is the baby?’

We wonder if we are not witnessing almost a similar situation on our national political scenario since the general elections held on July 25, 2018!


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