US not to solve bilateral problems: Turkish FM

August 20,2018

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ANKARA: The United States is not interested in solving bilateral problems with Turkey, said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Sunday.

“It seems that the US doesn't want to solve our bilateral problems. They prefer to exploit and prolong these issues until the upcoming (midterm) elections,” he told reporters in Antalya, southern Turkey, state-run Anadolu news agency said.

The top Turkish diplomat argued that his country has adopted a “constructive” approach to resolve the row between the Nato allies over the detention in Turkey of an American clergyman, but failed in return to receive a similar stance from the U.S. administration.

“The US administration has preferred to use the language of threats rather than resorting to diplomacy,” said Cavusoglu, claiming that “Turkey has no problems with the American people, which have also seen the realities.”

Cavusoglu also stated that the US cannot annul "unilaterally" its agreement with Ankara on the F-35 fighter planes, in reference to plans by the US Congress to block Turkey from receiving planned deliveries of the modern jets as part of a multinational joint development program.

The Turkish currency lira has plunged to record lows in recent weeks over the spat with the United States over the detention of Andrew Brunson, charged with espionage and terrorism. His case has become the focal point of a trade conflict between Washington and Ankara.

US President Donald Trump imposed sanctions on Turkish metal products and two government’s ministers. Ankara retaliated by steeply hiking tariffs on some US products.


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