‘The Colour of Paradise’ screening tomorrow

August 17,2018

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The Lok Virsa Film Club Mandwa returns with 'Rang-e-Khuda’ (The Colour of Paradise) from Iran tomorrow (Saturday).

Film director-screenwriter Majid Majidi Iran is one of the most distinguished, respected and celebrated international directors. And even though his filmography shines with films based around children (Children of Heaven, Baran), his cinematic talent surpasses beyond children's films. He made the most expensive film of his career, 'Muhammad: Prophet of God'. The film was bound to raise debate from the clergy and conservative circles. Majid Majidi began his career on stage, followed by small roles in several films. He made his directorial debut with Baduk in 1992. This was followed by ‘The Father.’

‘Rang-e-Khuda’ (The Colour of Paradise) came out in 1999. Like previous films of Majid Majidi, it won many prestigious awards at several international film festivals.

Without going into plot details, the film works on several levels. If cinema is part of learning, academics and education, then ‘Rang-e-Khuda’ should be included as part of curriculum in every institute of special children. But cinema is entertainment and the message here has been folded and wrapped in a package of a strong story, which is basic requisite for a good film.

The story has been knit around in such crafty way that it becomes involving from the first image appearing on the screen. “It moves at its leisurely pace like a breeze through the fields of flowers, misty woods, across the streams and into the backwoods of birds, insects and rain," comments 'The New York Times'. If the film is about nature then it is at its best. And if the film is about children then their curiosity and innocence is all over the place. Our central character can feel that gift of nature. Good and dramatic performance by all the junior and senior actors not only leaves a lump in our throat but it moistens our eyes. The crisp camerawork and use of locations is a cinematic triumph.

‘Rang-e-Khuda’ is remarkable because it touches you deep inside with a griping story and strongly carved out yet simple characters. It is the humanity and down-to-earth ambiance without pretensions and make-believe acts. The film stays with us long after its final credits in a compact duration of just ninety minutes. The events unfold right before our eyes with innocence, charm, death, sadness and perhaps hope.



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