Indiscriminate killing of young Kashmiris

May 01,2018

Senior Indian official Lt Gen Bhatt has recently claimed that a large number of militants were waiting to infiltrate the held Valley. On the other hand, Indian Army chief later claimed the 'Pakistan...

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Senior Indian official Lt Gen Bhatt has recently claimed that a large number of militants were waiting to infiltrate the held Valley. On the other hand, Indian Army chief later claimed the "Pakistan terrorists" were awaiting near the LoC in groups of 30-40 to be launched from Lepa valley to Mandal area, near 161 Indian Brigade (Rampur). The third report in Indian media states that as the season is changing and the hills warming up, it appears that the Doklam issue with the Chinese is once again on the simmer. "As was to be expected unofficial reports have now started circulating that the PLA has once again recommenced its road construction activity, albeit 5-6 kilometers to the east of the original site, though far deeper into Bhutanese held territory. Not unexpectedly, the Bhutanese government has desisted from raising a hue and cry over the illegal actions of the PLA, and has shown little interest in asking the Indian Army to assist in countering the incursion. This is despite the low key visit of the NSA accompanied by the foreign

secretary and the army chief. Their lack of enthusiasm is understandable as they have little interest in pitting themselves against the Dragon, an act that can only end in one outcome for this small and remote mountain kingdom, the demise of the ruling dynasty, as has been the case in neighbouring Nepal."

In fact all three reports are rubbish and are aimed at milking the Indian government for more funds. In the held valley, the sentiments following the killings of young men by the Indian Army are being further provoked. It seems more and more people are joining the resistance following the killings, which have a spiral effect. In Shopian and closeby areas, the Indian Army recently killed at least 20 young men, branding them militants working or associated with Hizbul Mujahideen. More than 70 were wounded. Indian Army officials termed the operation a major success. “It is a special day for our forces,” Lt. Gen. A. K. Bhatt boasted.

There has been pressure on the Indian government to kill innocent Kashmiris at will. Consider this excerpt from a report published early this year: "Over the past two years, there have been several such instances in Jammu and Kashmir where Indian security forces have been lethargic or slow to respond to real-time intelligence provided by hard-pressed state police and security agencies. This has not only forced the Narendra Modi government to militarily react, like it did with the surgical strikes after the September 18, 2016, Uri attacks but also close the option of any future diplomatic initiative with the civilian government in Pakistan....Actionable intelligence is the key to the success of any counter-terrorist operation. A combination of strong intelligence with command and control improve the chances of neutralising a terror strike with minimum collateral damage. If any of these elements is lacking, though, such strikes could succeed. When aimed at security forces, such strikes, if successful, could result in significant casualties, even lower the morale of the unit attacked and national security planners. The attack by Pakistani terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) on the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) camp at Lethpora on December 31, in which five security personnel lost their lives, indicates weak command and control despite specific actionable intelligence."

Such reports and analysis have put pressure on the Indian Army's high command to go for indiscriminate killing of young Kashmiris.

Meanwhile, the Indian Army chief Gen Bipin Rawat has said "the Pakistani forces are now feeling the pain of Indian Army’s offensive along the border in Kashmir." He was probably pointing at the Line of Control violations by the Indian forces that have mostly killed civilians, including women and children. In such kinds of indiscriminate and targeted firing and shelling that kills civilians, the Indian Army is really good at.


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