Budget for PM House, Presidency up by 17, 15 pc

April 28,2018

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister House budget was increased almost 16.71 percent while Presidency budget was increased 15.12 percent.

For the President House, the total allocations of Rs1.03 billion (Rs1,036,000,000) for the next fiscal year of 2018-19 that shows the increase of Rs76.307 million against the previous year. Surprisingly last year, the President spent Rs2.22 billion on foreign tours (though he hardly went out of the country once or twice) while this year Rs2.54 billion has been allocated for foreign tours of the President. Total allocation for the President House would be Rs259.81 million for the year 2018-19. According to this budget, Presidency would spend Rs9.80 million daily from the tax payer money.

Out of the total allocations of Rs1.03 billion for Presidency, Rs708.98 million in the head of President Employees Related Expenses and Rs229.48 million for Staff and household of the President.

While for the Prime Minister Office, Rs986 million (Rs986,000,000) for the fiscal year of 2018-19 has been allocated. Interesting aspect of the budget is that for the foreign tours of PM during the coming fiscal year of 2018-19, an allocation of Rs1.89 billion will be made. Rs70. million will be given to Prime Minister Inspection Commission. In total, daily expense of Prime Minister Office, household and foreign tours would be Rs3360.64 million daily for the coming next financial year.

However, foreign tours allocation for President and PM made in the Foreign Office head are showing in the budget for the Presidency and Prime Minister Secretariat. The amount of Rs2.54 billion was allocated for the President’s foreign tour for the fiscal year while PM foreign tours allocation was made for 1.89 billion.


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