Indigenous stents

February 09,2018

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This refers to the news article ‘Indigenous stents manufacturing to start in June 2019: Prices to be lowered than imported ones.’ (Feb 6). This step will prove to be a blessing for the poor who cannot afford this facility due to the exorbitant cost of stents. At present, stents are being imported from abroad. But now, they will be manufactured locally. A German stent manufacturing machine has already been installed in Pakistan to manufacture inexpensive stents.

The cost of locally-manufactured stents is Rs15,000 each as compared to the imported ones which cost Rs150,000 per piece. Pakistan plans to start the manufacturing of 50,000 stents per annum from June 2019. They will not only be sold at the domestic market, but the government is also considering exportingthem as well.

Air-Cdre (r) Azfar A Khan



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