Balochistan Assembly brought under ‘control’

January 14,2018

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LAHORE: Different observations are being made about the new position of the Balochistan Assembly.

One impression is that Nawaz Sharif has been punished by snatching the provincial government from his party, while the other thought is that the Balochistan Assembly has been brought under ‘control’.

It has been said that in the next Senate elections, the Balochistan Assembly members will not be bound to vote for the PML-N candidate. In this way, those who were worried over the expected majority of the PML-N in the Senate are now relaxed.

It is now expected that the PML-N will not get the chairmanship of the Senate in the next elections for the Upper House. The situation has changed now and the Senate elections will be held in time and the provincial assembly will not be dissolved.


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