SU to establish research centre to combat terrorism, ignorance

May 08,2017

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SUKKUR: Amid increasing wave of extremism in society and violence in various universities in the country, Sindh University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Fateh Muhammad Burfat has decided to establish a research centre on the campus in order to curb the growing trend of extremism, terrorism and violent behaviours of Pakistani youth and combat ignorance as well as poverty.

He said that the centre would greatly help diminish extremism and violence among youths. He said this while speaking in the meeting with Additional Inspector General of Police Dr Sanaullah Abbasi on Sunday. Dr Burfat said that extremism was a real threat for the Pakistani society and the people in general. He said, therefore, people should join hands against the growing trend of extremism. He advised the youth to acquire modern and scientific education to combat ignorance, violence, poverty and joblessness.

“Access to education can be a tool for peace,” he maintained. He also spoke about the importance of technical and vocational training before turning over to the education crisis in Pakistan. “Second only to Nigeria,” he said, “Pakistan had more out-of-school children than the entire population of several countries.”

“I do believe this is a dangerous situation, we all have to work to admit more children in schools so that they may not fall prey to terrorists,” said Dr Burfat. He hoped that the SU students’ role would inspire people and generate awareness in the society in order to get rid of ignorance, violence, extremism and terrorism.

Additional Inspector General of Police Dr Sanaullah Abbasi said that the growing trends of extremism, terrorism and violence were hazardous for the country and its people. “We need to educate youth in real sense so that they may be kept away from violent behaviour,” he said. The AIG said that the role of varsities could not be ignored in curbing extremism and combating ignorance. Therefore, he added that the establishment of a research centre at the Sindh University would greatly help improve the situation in the country.

Later, the Vice Chancellor Dr Burfat and the AIG Sindh Police Dr Sanaullah Abbasi paid a surprise visit to boys’ hostels, where they inspected the food in canteens being provided to the students residing there. They expressed satisfaction over the quality of the food. A number of students gathered on the occasion and met the Vice Chancellor and the AIG Sindh Police.


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