‘Sher Khan’

April 29,2017

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Director: Yonus Malik

Script: Nasir Adeeb

Producer: Anwar Kemal Pasha

Music: Wajahat Attrey

Playback: Noorjehan

Cast: Sultan Rahi, Anjuman, Mustafa Qureshi, Bahar

Lok Virsa Mandwa Film Club screening Punjabi musical actioner ‘Sher Khan’ today (Saturday) at 3 p.m. Actress Bahar is expected to be special guest.

‘Sher Khan’ released in 1981, was one of the super productions of the year. It was multi-star venture with Sutan Rahi, Anjuman, Mustafa Qureshi and Bahar. Apart from super stardom, one of the major highlights of the film was its score by Wajahat Attrey rendered by Noorjehan.

1981 was still under the spell of infamous ‘Maula Jatt’ (banned by the censor board several times and exhibited under court stay order equal number of times). The film was smash hit not just for Sultan Rahi-Mustafa Qureshi casting but for violence, action and vengeance. ‘Sher Khan’ had cut and paste from ‘Maula Jatt’ more evident because director Yonus Malik and screenwriter Nasir Adeeb were present in both films. 1981, In Punjabi films alone, went for ‘Sala Sahab’, ‘Chan Veryam’, ‘Maula Jatt Tey Noori Nath’, ‘Jatt in London’ and many more. Yonus Malik himself was making films wholesale and in bulk, still bathing under the success of ‘Maula Jatt’.

‘Sher Khan’ technically excels in camerawork, sound and production effects. Presenting the rural Punjab. The green-fields and village backdrop have their own charm.

Wajahat Attrey's melodies of Noorjehan come with several hit melodies including ‘Jhangeria pehnaado’, ‘Toon ai mahi’ and ‘Tu joo.’

And now the special guest Bahar. Mandwa salutes an artist who has devoted five decades to the service of both Urdu and Punjabi films. She began her career with Anwar Kemal Pasha's Punjabi musical romance ‘Chan Mahi’ and went on to make several successful films. She later switched over to character roles in late-sixties and became the most famous and long -lasting mother and grandmother. She even won critics and box office as cruel and intense stepmother in ‘Choorian’ and few other films.



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