‘Creativity, resourcefulness and perseverance are key to success’

July 17,2016

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The second day of the eighth edition of the Junior Leaders Conference (JLC) - this year titled 'Gluco Ki Junior Leaders Conference' - was packed with constructive activities with over 200 youngsters between the ages of 10 and 15 years participating with remarkable fervour.

With 'Dare' the event's theme on Saturday, the second day of the conference, the first activity of the day was aimed at enabling the participants to 'build from the broken' and had them recycle various materials to create something new and with utility.

Led by Waqar Ali, the day’s champ, the day featured a number of prominent experts, speakers, educationists, celebrities and trainers.

Later, famous public speaker Umair Jaliawala delivered a keynote session titled 'Creator, Creation and Creativity', which was followed by a multiple intelligence model, 'Try, Test and Fail', which brought together experts to conduct workshops on themes such as photography, sculpture, robotics, choreography, and fashion among others.

There was a session aimed at providing participants the motivation to turn their interests into their passion. The youngsters were given a chance to bring their creativity to the forefront once again during the Junior Masterchef segment.

A set of study tours provided an exciting opportunity for the participants to travel around the city, and the day ended with an outdoor activity titled “Be the Light”.

The three-day leadership summit is aimed to bring together under an enlightening initiative from School of Leadership, read a statement issued on Saturday.

Earlier on Friday, the eighth edition of the Junior Leaders Conference (JLC) got off to a flying start in the city with an impressive turnout and an equally remarkable opening ceremony.

An elegant affair, the inauguration ceremony of this year’s edition – titled ‘Gluco Ki JLC’ and with the theme ‘I Am Alive’ – was an elegant affair with prominent personalities from several fields making an appearance to support youth development.

The first of the three-day event featured multiple networking exercises aimed at familiarising the participants with each other, as inter-personal relationship development remains one of the core objectives of the event.

The activities of the day were moderated by Uzair Ausaf, lead trainer at Torque, and a budding trainer, Anusha Somani, who helped the participants understand the reasoning for the event’s theme, the programme’s agenda and the basic expectations from the participants.

This was followed by a talk by Anmol Zehra, the current conference champion, who spoke of the potential that the JLC harbours to change lives for the better. Narrating her experience, she stressed the importance of treating the event with dedication and seriousness, stating that it could have a profound impact on each participant’s life.

Sania Saeed, one of the greatest ever stage and TV actors of Pakistan, and Fakhr-e-Alam, a renowned singer and activist, took the conference forward from there, speaking about their life experiences and the value of opportunities such as the JLC.

Their talks were based on the understanding that life demands one be prepared for any and all eventualities, and they spoke in detail of the need to intelligently overcome the many stumbling blocks one faces in the path to success.

The tea break brought together the sponsors and the participants, which was followed by a networking lunch; each participant interacted with each other and got to know about their wishes and how they can achieve them. A keynote session was then delivered by Shireen Naqvi – renowned trainer and founder at SoL.

Other speakers remarked on the importance of such events for the grooming of Pakistan’s future generations and congratulated School of Leadership for successfully organising it for years now. Representatives from EBM also graced the occasion with their presence along with many individuals from the media.

Supported by English Biscuit Manufacturers, ‘Gluco Ki JLC’ brings together youngsters from all over the country. The conference focuses on developing leadership potential through a unique blend of experiential learning, interactive sessions, lateral thinking, attitudinal training, simulations and group-based activities.

JLC remains a premier initiative to create awareness of immense leadership possibilities among multidisciplinary contexts for young people in the country. Packed with purposeful panels, focused break-outs, powerful experiential sessions, inspiring stories and adventurous expeditions, the conference create a unique out-of-classroom learning experience.


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