CCTV cameras to be installed in investigation rooms of police stations

Monitoring of every investigation room will also be ensured

By Shakeel Anjum
June 25, 2024
This representational image shows CCTV cameras. — Unsplash/File

RAWALPINDI: The government of the Punjab has decided to install CCTV (Close Circuit TV) cameras in the rooms of all investigation officers across the province, the Interior Ministry sources said Monday.


The monitoring of every investigation room will also be ensured, they maintained. The decision is a part of Police Reforms under thought with the chief minister’s office for the capacity building of the officials engaged in the investigation system and to modify the way of investigation, the sources said.

The prime reason of the decision of installing CCTV cameras will mainly be to counter the habitual trend of torture to the under investigation accused and to ensure proper and scientific way of investigation, the sources maintained.

CCTV cameras can ensure that the conduct of investigation officers is transparent. This helps in maintaining accountability, as officers will be aware that their actions are being monitored, they added.

The presence of cameras could act as a deterrent against any form of misconduct, such as coercion, physical abuse, or inappropriate behaviour by officers during interrogations. Monitoring could help ensure that the rights of the individuals being investigated are protected. It can prevent any violation of legal and human rights, such as unlawful detention or extraction of confessions through force.

Recordings from CCTV can serve as evidence in case of disputes or allegations of misconduct. This can be crucial in investigations into claims of police brutality or corruption.