Sindh HEC offers holding national level QA training

By News Desk
June 24, 2024
Sindh HEC Chairman Prof Dr Tariq Rafi is seen in this image. —Sindh Higher Education Commission Website/File

The Sindh Higher Education Commission (HEC), in a ground-breaking initiative pertaining to quality assurance (QA) practices, has proposed a collaborative effort with the HEC Pakistan to conduct a comprehensive national level training programme of Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) professionals.


Sindh HEC Chairman Prof Dr Tariq Rafi has written to the HEC Pakistan as well as the provincial HECs of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan, offering to facilitate them in conducting the training programme to enhance the understanding and capability of QA practices among QEC professionals.

“In 2022 the Sindh HEC had introduced a comprehensive QA training programme for QEC professionals from public and private universities in Sindh, which was met with significant enthusiasm and participation, while our flagship initiative ‘Certified Reviewers Programme’ also received overwhelming response from the QA fraternity,” reads Dr Rafi’s letter.

He mentioned that in the second phase of the QA training programme held in December 2023, the Sindh HEC had invited five nominees of each province to participate, which proved to be greatly effective and successful.

He emphasised the importance of holding such training programmes more frequently and extending them to other provinces so that the benefits of such initiatives can be reaped at national level.

“We humbly offer that the Sindh HEC can facilitate the HEC Pakistan by providing technical support, certified reviewers and development material for the training programme, and is ready to organise a Certified Reviewers Programme either in Karachi or any other suitable place decided by the HEC Pakistan.”