Temperature drops, no decrease in heat

By Ibne Ahmad
June 23, 2024
People cool off during a hot summer day. — AFP/File

Rawalpindi residents are splashing water in their eyes and mouths because of the heat. The light of fire was coming out of the afternoon sun. If residents stood for a while in such sun, they felt like getting blisters on their bodies. Although the temperature dropped, the suffering of heat did not ease.


“The increased humidity or water vapour in the air has increased the discomfort in the heat. The percentage of air humidity in the country is high because of this the uncomfortable feeling of heat has been felt in almost many parts of the city,” says Zain-ul-Abideen.

“The heat wave flowing across many areas of the city may reduce a bit today. Temperatures may drop slightly in many areas. However, there is no possibility of reducing heat stress due to an increase in humidity. This situation may continue for a few more four days,” says Ummul Banin. “If the humidity is more than 50 percent, it creates sweat and sticky heat on the body along with water vapor. Usually during the time of summer, the air humidity is between 20 and 30 percent. As a result, even if the temperature rises, it is not too difficult for people living in tree-covered parts of the city. Humidity is likely to increase further if the temperature continues to rise,” says Musa Kazim, a meteorologist.