Blacksmiths report high sales amid profiteering complaints

By Our Correspondent
June 17, 2024
Blacksmiths sharpen and prepare butcher knives for the upcoming Eidul Azha on June 16, 2024. — PPI

Islamabad: Amid profiteering complaints, blacksmiths have cashed in on the demand for butchery tools this Eidul Azha, selling new ones and sharpening old ones in markets and on the streets.


They offered various tools, including knives, choppers, axes, hooks, skewers, and grills, as well as wooden cutting boards. While most blacksmiths operate from their shops, some travel around the city on bicycles, advertising their products and sharpening services through loudspeakers.

In Islamabad, the main hubs for butchery tools are Aabpara, G-9 Markaz, and Aabpara Market, whereas in Rawalpindi, the blacksmiths are concentrated in the Purana Qila area near Raja Bazar, working tirelessly to fulfil orders ahead of Eid. Jamil Mujhahid, a blacksmith in Aabpara Market, said his sales surged in the last week before Eid, catering to both professional butchers and individuals slaughtering animals at home. He said Eid days were the busiest time of the year as customers sought custom-made tools and sharpening services. Blacksmith in Rawalpindi Shahjehan Ahmad denied charging visitors exorbitant rates for butchery tools and their sharpening compared to last year, and insisted that the surge in steel, iron, and utility costs inevitably led to a corresponding increase in product prices.

While denying profiteering on Eid, he acknowledged that prices might vary slightly between shops, similar to other markets. Bakra Eid [Eidul Azha] brings a significant boost in business for us, unlike the rest of the year when sales are normally slow," he said.