Shazia Marri demands stern punishment over camel’s leg amputation in Sanghar

By Our Correspondent
June 17, 2024
Pakistan Peoples Party’s legislator from Sanghar, Shazia Marri speaks during a press conference at PPP Media Cell Bilawal House in Karachi on February 17, 2024. — PPI

The camel that was subjected to cruelty by influential growers in Sanghar on Friday has been shifted to an animal sanctuary in Karachi for proper treatment and rehabilitation.


The animal with an amputated leg was transported by Sanghar’s relevant officials to the animal shelter and sanctuary in Karachi of the non-profit Comprehensive Disaster Response Services (CDRS).

After registering a case on behalf of the state, the Sanghar police have arrested five people for their involvement in torturing the camel and amputating one of its legs as punishment for trespassing on the farmlands of an influential grower for grazing.

Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon said the police took cognisance of the incident and lodged an FIR on behalf of the state despite a “compromise” being reached between the culprits and the owner of the injured camel.

Memon said that humanity does not allow such a cruel act, so the police were under an obligation to lodge the case of the incident involving animal cruelty. According to a statement issued to the media on Sunday, the Pakistan Peoples Party’s legislator from Sanghar, Shazia Marri, said that efforts have been started to provide a prosthetic leg to the injured camel for which contacts have been established with the relevant companies.

She said that a collective effort was made to save the life of the injured camel. Emergency steps were taken to ensure the well-being and treatment of the injured camel soon after the tragic incident happened, she added.

She condemned subjecting an innocent animal to sheer cruelty. She demanded that all the culprits involved in the incident be handed stern punishment so that no one would again dare to commit such a cruel act. The MNA said emergency efforts had ensured the protection and welfare of the camel.

PPP Senator Quratulain Marri said a team of veterinary doctors was mobilised to ensure emergency treatment of the injured camel. She said the CDRS had been immediately contacted to ensure the protection and well-being of the camel.

The senator said that had this emergency care not been ensured, the injured camel might have lost its life, adding that the people who used a torch to rescue the camel from the darkened farmland, and the other people who ensured its protection and well-being were all heroes.

She said the innocent camel from Sanghar received the emergency protection, but it was unfortunate that similar acts of animal cruelty had been continuing at several places.

The two PPP lawmakers from Sanghar expressed gratitude to Sanghar Deputy Commissioner Imranul Hassan Khawaja, the livestock department’s deputy director, and local PPP leaders for ensuring the prompt rescue of the camel and providing shelter to it.