‘Over Rs5bn approved for development projects in NA-53’

June 16, 2024
This representational image shows workers busy in the construction work of the Orange Line Metro Train Project. — APP/File

Rawalpindi : The government has approved Rs5 billion 5 crore and 28 lac for the construction and repair of roads in Rawalpindi’s constituency NA-53 including the mega remodelling project of Kutcherry which will get Rs2 billion.


Rs1.5 billion have been allocated for the Adiala Road Flyover which is the second much-needed project of Rawalpindi, whereas Rs20 crores will be spent for the completion of Mahota-Mohra Dam.

Talking to this agency here on Saturday, Member National Assembly (MNA) and Chairman Coordination Committee, Eng. Raja Qamar ul Islam shared details of development schemes for his constituency approved in the budget for the financial year 2024-25. He informed that Rs5 crores for Rescue 1122 and Rs1.34 crore for completion of Girls College Jhata Hatial will be sanctioned.

He stated that many mega projects of NA 53 have been approved in

the budget.

With a cost of Rs2 billion, the road from Khawaja Corporation to Gorakhpur is being constructed and broadened, along with the construction of a flyover at Khawaj Corporation at 1.5 billion rupees has also been approved to address severe rush, he said adding that the project would facilitate the residents and travellers of Chontra, Rawat, Dhamman, Kaliyal, Dhamial, Adiala and Gorakhpur areas.

Construction of the road from Chakri Adda to Haryanwala via Bilawal Adda for Rs35 crores will be released in this financial year, he informed.

He said that a grant of Rs6.2 million has been approved for the construction of Chakri-Dhadambar road which

will be completed within the same financial year.

Similarly, he said that 10.35 rupees will be spent on the Harka-Basali Road, Rs5.5 crore will be spent on outstanding work on Kararr Road.

Another important road connecting Chakri Road with Adiala areas through Jarar camp-Kachi Jorian will be constructed at Rs21 crore.

Although only one crore three million will be released for it this year, but in view of its importance, every effort will be made to complete it by releasing more funds in this financial year, he said.

The Jorian-Chakri Road construction will be done separately for which Rs27 crore have been allocated.

Apart from this, the Moorat Road from Main Chakri Road will also be completed with funds of Rs5 crores.

Eng Qamar said that the Chakri-Jorian Road project was kept under MNA funds but from now onwards the project would be a part of the mega projects.

He further informed that little funds of Rs2 crore only were available currently but more funds would be obtained for the Jorian-Chakri and Kuchi Jorian-Jarar Camp Roads.

The complete release of Chuck Beley Bypass will be completed same year with the cost of Rs4.84 crore, he said.