Ethiopian cuisine becomes centre of attraction at Africa Day celebrations

June 16, 2024
Federal Minister for Petroleum Musadik Masood Malik, Dean of the African group and Ambassador of Morocco Mohamed Karmoune, and heads of missions of the African countries cutting cake to celebrate the Africa Day at a local hotel on June 15, 2024. — INP

Islamabad: The delightful Ethiopian food took a centre stage at the Africa Day celebrations, breeding the interest of most of the participants due to its rich flavours, diversity and cultural significance.


The event, held to commemorate Africa Day 2024 and forge a strong connection between African nations and Pakistan, featured cultural shows, African heritage and diverse cuisines of different countries of Africa.

Upon arrival, the guests were accorded a warm welcome by the Dean of the African Group Mohamed Karmoune, Ambassador of Morocco, and other heads of missions from other African countries.

Federal Minister for Energy Mussadaq Masood Malik graced the occasion as chief guest.

Different African countries including Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Zimbabwe and others set up their food and culinary stalls on the occasion to offer unique and diverse tastes of African food.

However, the food stall set up by the Ethiopian Embassy in Islamabad attracted a large number of participants who delightfully enjoyed the deep culinary traditions of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian food stall featured savoury and mouth-watering delights including Enjra, Doro Wot, Shiro Wot, Kitfo, Chechebsa with honey, Minchet, Fosolia, Tibs, Ayeb, Defo Dabo and on top of that Ethiopian coffee.

The visitors also shared their feedback on the Ethiopian food that according to them had stolen the show.

One of the visitors, Adnan Hameed, said Ethiopian food was similar to Pakistan in spices and culinary showing a strong connection between the two nations.

“It is Enjra and Doro Wot that stimulated my cravings to savour and taste all of the Ethiopian food on this stall,” he added.

Jamila, a member of Ethiopian Diaspora in Pakistan, said, “We are very proud of over unique cuisine that has vibrant flavour and taste. I can say with a surety that each bite of Ethiopian food will leave you craving for more.”