Couple arrested for selling goats with fake teeth

By Our Correspondent
June 16, 2024
This representational image shows,a livestock vendor waiting for customers at a cattle market in Karachi on June 14, 2024. — AFP

A couple has been taken into custody by the police for selling goats fitted with artificial teeth. According to the police, plastic straws were cut and shaped to create the fake teeth to make the sacrificial animals appear younger.


The incident occurred at Gulberg Chowrangi where the couple was caught selling goats with fake teeth.

A potential buyer, upon inspecting the teeth, discovered that they were artificial. The buyer then removed the fake teeth and posted a video on social media.

Officers from the Samanabad police station conducted a raid and arrested the couple and seized seven goats. The couple were taken to the police station. They had come from Hyderabad to sell the goats in Karachi.

After their arrests, they claimed ignorance about the fake teeth. They stated, "We were not aware that the teeth were artificial. We ourselves have been deceived."