KWSC sees 68pc rise in revenue due to modern hydrant management centre

By Our Correspondent
June 13, 2024
CEO, KWSC Engineer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed poses for a photo at the KWSC office this image was released on March 12, 2024. — Facebook/Karachi Water & Sewerage Corporation

The Karachi Water and Sewerage Corporation (KWSC) has seen a significant increase in revenue following the establishment of a modern Hydrants Management Centre, a development driven by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) KWSC Engineer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed.


Incharge Hydrant Cell Ilahi Bakhsh Bhutto highlighted the 68 percent increase in the KWSC revenue. He said in a statement on Wednesday that from July 2022 to May 2023, the total revenue from the corporation’s official hydrants was Rs997.7 million. This figure surged to Rs1.66 billion from July 2023 to May 2024, marking the highest revenue in the history of the Hydrants Cell.

Bhutto also reported that between July 2022 and June 2023, the KWSC’s hydrants delivered 256,527 water tanker orders, totaling 302 million gallons of water. Following the establishment of the Hydrants Management Centre, there was a notable increase in water distribution. From July 2023 to June 2024, the corporation delivered 376,520 water tanker orders, amounting to 486 million gallons, reflecting a 68 percent rise in tanker orders and a 62 percent increase in water supplied.

He explained that operations of all official hydrants of the KWSC were being monitored by the internationally recognised Hydrants Management Centre.

CEO Syed Salahuddin Ahmed has been credited for revolutionising the hydrants system by fully digitalising it to ensure fair water distribution across the city. This digital system has been recognised at an international level. Ahmed’s efforts have ensured the provision of easily accessible, chlorinated, and clean water tankers to the citizens, a primary objective of the Hydrants Management Centre.