South Korean start-up launches air taxi service for public

Vonaer kicks off helicopter service from Seoul’s Gangnam to Incheon Airport for a one way cost of KRW440,000

By Web Desk
June 11, 2024
South Korean start-up launches helicopter taxi service. — Vonaer/File

A new aviation venture from South Korea promises to reduce travel time from over two hours to 20 minutes by providing a helicopter taxi service between the airport and Gangnam neighbourhood of Seoul.

As per AFP, the venture is currently being tested, which is why the "Vonaer" service will operate once an hour and a one-way flight will cost 440,000 won ($320).


The start-up company Vonaer is also offering charter services nationwide, with a one-way trip from Seoul to southern Busan costing 18 million won ($13,000).

Announcing the services, Chief Executive Shin Min, said, "Small air transportation businesses have not taken off in South Korea, and because of this, urban air services are unfamiliar to the public, and related infrastructure is lacking."

In addition, Min also emphasised that the helicopters being used are safe and the pilots are very experienced.

Besides Vonaer, several other South Korean companies are trying to break into the aviation taxi market.

Last year, South Korea's biggest telecoms provider, SK Telecom, in collaboration with Californian start-up Joby Aviation, showcased an air taxi with which it aims to solve the country's congestion problems.

SK Telecom is planning to carry out its tests next year.