Amsterdam: Horrible death of person sucked into jet engine suspected as suicide

Person dies after falling into engine of departing passenger jet at Amsterdam airport

By Web Desk
May 30, 2024
The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon as a KLM Cityhopper flight pushed back from its gate at the busy terminal.— ABC News/File

In a shocking incident, a person died after falling into the engine of a passenger plane minutes before it was scheduled to leave, The Telegraph reported.

The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.


Announcing the incident, the Dutch national flag-carrying KLM airline said in a statement, "An incident took place at Schiphol today during which a person ended up in a running aircraft engine."

Investigators are suspecting a possible suicide case as part of the initial probe into the highly unusual death.

The aeroplane was bound for Billund, Denmark, and was full of passengers when the body fell into the engine’s spinning turbine blades.

Given the tragic nature of the event, the passengers were offered support as soon as they got off the plane.

According to a representative for the Dutch military police, who are in charge of airport security, all the passengers and crew onboard will be questioned because they might provide some information regarding the person's death.

The jet involved was an Embraer, operated by KLM on short-haul routes, such as London.

The airport, which is six miles from Amsterdam, is Europe’s third-busiest.