Here are top 10 countries to visit in 2024

European countries have taken the lead for most tourist-friendly destinations

By Web Desk
May 26, 2024
WEF suggests these countries on top for tourism in 2024. — AFP

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has released a list of the top ten countries in 2024 where tourists can broaden their life experience with memorable moments of their living.

Among the countries, Europe has taken the lead with the majority of countries that have been named the best for travelling, according to a CNN report.


The Switzerland-based organisation named the countries taking into account different criteria such as services, natural resources, infrastructure and living standards.

The United States has been at the top of the WEF list of the best tourist places. The think-tank underlined the country as a "mature tourism market with basic services for visitors".

In Europe, Spain stood tall, being at the top. The report termed the continent, "a resilient destination with strong intraregional travel flows," and gives it high marks for train connectivity.

The strong economy is also another factor attracting tourism.

On the fourth position was France as it is already under the global eyes for hosting Paris Olympics 2024.

The listing has also been conducted on the basis of the power the European countries’ passports hold.

Asia was also included in the report as Japan claimed the third position in the list. According to CNN, over three million tourists went to Japan in both March and April 2024 monthly.

China, meanwhile was on the eighth, claiming the spot for tourists.

Top countries for tourism in 2024 are:

  1. The United States
  2. Spain
  3. Japan
  4. France
  5. Australia
  6. Germany
  7. The United Kingdom
  8. China
  9. Italy
  10. Switzerland