Neom unveils green flying taxis, 4 airports plans

Saudi Arabia will spend $1.5 trillion on Neom, aims to add futuristic technology in megacity

By Web Desk
May 25, 2024
Saudi Arabia's Neom to have green flying taxis, 4 airports. — Neom/File

Neom in Saudi Arabia aims to have green flying taxis and four airports along with the inclusion of many other new technological aspects.

Neom is perhaps the most eccentric out of all the glitzy mega projects Saudi Arabia is working on, according to Business Insider.


Transforming the desert into 10 futuristic regions, the kingdom intends to spend over half a trillion dollars. This initiative also includes a floating port city and a yachting hub.

The Line in Neom is one of the most popular destinations of the $1.5 trillion mega city and is a 105-mile-long.

It plans to have four airports to connect it internationally. Notably, only one, Neom Bay Airport, is currently operating and London Heathrow is its only destination outside the Middle East.

The route is operated by Saudia, which is the kingdom's flag carrier. They announced the largest aviation order in Saudi history on Monday.

Including the launch of a new airline by the name of Riyadh Air, the kingdom hopes more investment in aviation will help promote it as a tourist destination.

Moreover, Neom has also worked on a joint venture with Volocopter since 2021. It is a German company designing electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft, which is better known as eVTOLs or flying taxis. They wouldn't emit any carbon as they will be powered by batteries.