Battagram residents seek establishment of higher secondary school

By Sheraz Ahmad Sherazi
May 25, 2024
A representational image of students in a classroom at a school in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. — AFP/File

BATTAGRAM: Residents of Union Council Shamlai here on Friday asked the elected public representatives to help establish a higher secondary school in their area to provide education facilities to the local youth.


Talking to this scribe, they said that the absence of the higher secondary school forced many students to quit education after matriculation as they were unable to pursue further studies due to financial constraints and lack of facilities.

They maintained that families in Shamlai could not afford to send their children to schools in the city.The local community called upon the Member National Assembly (MNA) and Member Provincial Assembly (MPA) to help construct a higher secondary school in the union council.

Waleed Akhunzada, Nazim of Islami Jamiat Talaba’s college zone, said they would stage protests if the issue was not addressed. He said the youth of Shamlai did not have access to education.

A local, Ahmed Khan, said, “My daughter completed her matriculation last year, but we can’t afford to send her to the city for further studies as there was no higher secondary school in our village.”

Sadia Bibi, who recently did her matriculation, said, “I want to become a doctor, but I cannot continue my education in the absence of higher secondary school.”A shopkeeper in Shamlai bazaar said the local youth could not benefit from the opportunities of growth due to lack of proper education.Maryam Akhtar, a mother of three, “We urge our MNA and MPA to prioritize this issue. Our children should be provided education facilities.”