SHO accused of demanding bribes, harassment

By Mushtaq Paracha
May 25, 2024
A representational image of police personnel standing guard at an undisclosed location. — AFP/File

NOWSHERA: A resident of Kheshgi Payan, Gulnar, has accused an official of the Nowshera Kalan Police Station of demanding a bribe of Rs6 million.


Addressing a press conference at the Nowshera Press Club along with her family members, Gulnar claimed that upon refusing to pay the bribe, SHO Ashfaq Khan, without a warrant and without female police officers, allegedly raided her daughter’s house, violating their privacy and even firing shots to intimidate them.

Gulnar alleged that the SHO had been harassing them on behalf of their adversaries, who have allegedly paid him hefty bribes.She stated that her son Kamran Khan, who is also a police officer, is currently in hiding due to a family feud. The SHO allegedly raids their home frequently, causing fear and distress, and threatens them with severe consequences if they do not comply with his demands, she claimed.She said the family presented evidence of bullet marks on the walls of their house to the local court.