Measures to resolve traffic issues discussed

By Our Correspondent
May 25, 2024
Lahore Commissioner Zaid bin Maqsood chairing a meeting on city's traffic problems on May 24, 2024.— Facebook/commissionerlahoredivision

LAHORE: A meeting was held regarding the City's traffic chocking points under the chairmanship of Lahore Commissioner Zaid bin Maqsood.


CTO Lahore and TEPA briefed Commissioner on traffic choking points, causes and interventions to remove the cause of choking points in the City. Commissioner Lahore directed to conduct first mock exercise for interventions in identified traffic choke points and analyse the data for type of intervention.

Commissioner directed that a plan must be prepared for creating awareness about traffic rules among the general public which would go a long way to serve the purpose. He was told in the briefing that encroachments at various places in the city, lack of parking lots etc are also the cause of traffic choking. Commissioner Lahore directed to prepare a list of traffic choking points based on traffic count, carbon emissions.

Commissioner said that traffic choke points can be cleared with minor interventions, design changes and major interventions. He said that the joint committee of traffic police and TEPA had identified various choke points in the city. There is a need for minor interventions in traffic engineering and road design on some roads and intersections of the city, he said.

He said that there must be parking in approved parking areas of commercial buildings. He was told in the briefing that TEPA and traffic police had identified 81 minor to major chocking points in the city. He said that traffic flow can be established through road design change, patchwork, sign boards, tire colour installations. LDA DG Tahir Farooq, CTO Lahore Amara Athar, Chief Engineer TEPA Iqrar Hussain participated in the meeting while DC Lahore participated through a video link.