Neom: New video shows extravagant progress

Saudi Arabia's mega city is not stopping progress

By Web Desk
May 23, 2024
Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's Neom continues construction. — Neom

Neom, a megacity project based in Saudi Arabia, demonstrates how quickly the massive commercial and tourism aims are progressing.

Over 140,000 construction workers are working to develop important areas of the future site, according to Al Arabiya.


The progress film, which features on-location footage of the massive building site, reveals that the workforce has doubled in the last year.

The film reveals that important regions such as THE LINE, Oxagon, Sindalah, and Trojena are accelerating their speed.

"NEOM in Progress," a three-minute video vision, demonstrates how Saudi Arabia's masterplan is becoming closer to reality every day.

“NEOM is accelerating human progress. A new future is coming. This proud Saudi project for the world is progressing fast. Significant construction work is already complete. We are developing the first phase of our cognitive city THE LINE.” It said work continues at “the reimaged industrial city Oxagon, our mountain destination Trojena, luxury island Sindalah and Gulf of Aqaba destinations.”

It said “a new future is emerging” across 14 sectors; food manufacturing, entertainment and culture, tourism, sport, design and construction, financial services, health and well-being, education, energy, water, mobility, technology and digital, and media.