These two powerful images from tornado-razed Greenfield

Two images shows the power of tornado in Greenfield that was completely destroyed

By Web Desk
May 23, 2024
Tornado batters down Iowa, leaving destruction in its trails. (Hudson Vanatta, 6, is seated on the steps of a home that has been destroyed in Greenfield, while his father assists with firefighting duties. — Chris Juhn)

GREENFIELD: One of at least two dozen tornadoes that raged through Iowa state, left the small town of Greenfield badly hit on Tuesday, leaving widespread destruction and loss of life in its trails.


The National Weather Service office has rated the Greenfield twister as at least an EF-3 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. However, the agency is carrying out surveys currently.

After the devastating twister passed, photographer Chris Juhn came out and took several photographs of the widespread devastation.

One photo shows six-year-old Hudson Vanatta sitting on the steps of his house that no longer exists, while his father, a firefighter, helped others despite the devastation in their own home.

Juhn captured another striking photo. The photo depicts a destroyed house with its front blown away, yet pictures are still intact and hanging on the walls. Also, a small plant and other items can be seen undisturbed on a dresser with binders and books still there inside a bookshelf.

A house in Greenfield sustained severe damage, with its front completely destroyed, yet remarkably, the interior remained intact with pictures still hanging on the walls. — Chris Juhn

The exact number of casualties is still unknown. However, at least two people have been confirmed dead and a dozen more wounded.

The tornado also destroyed Adair County Memorial Hospital, prompting the transfer of patients needing extra care to nearby hospitals. Patients who needed extra care were transferred to nearby hospitals.

The tornado reduced houses to rubble with the once lush trees standing bare and stripped of their leaves and bark.