Hajj 2024: Record-breaking heat forecast in Saudi Arabia

Extreme hot weather alert issued as soaring temperatures expected to challenge pilgrims during hajj 2024

By Web Desk
May 22, 2024
Saudi govt predicts Hajj season to coincide with the hottest time of the year. — Reuters

The Saudi government has warned of extreme temperatures in Saudi Arabia during the upcoming Hajj season next month.

According to the head of the Saudi National Centre of Meteorology, this Hajj season, from June 24 to 29, will be the hottest time of the year.


“It was necessary to be in touch with the agencies concerned and notify them of the weather forecasts at the holy places so that they can take precautions during this year’s Hajj,” Ghulam said while speaking after a recent workshop examining the climate impact on the 2024 pilgrimage.

The scorching temperatures will pose a serious health risk for the millions of Muslims expected to embark on the Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah.

Saudi authorities are preparing for potentially record-breaking attendance after a surge in Umrah pilgrims during Ramadan. Since May 9, Pakistani pilgrims have been arriving in Madinah as part of pre-Hajj flight operations.

According to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, a total of 28,743 Pakistani pilgrims have arrived in Madinah through 120 flights as of Tuesday.

This year, around 2.5 million faithful from across the world, including 179,210 from Pakistan, will perform the religious obligation of Hajj.

This year’s pilgrimage is expected to take place from June 14-19.